Canyon of Verghellu :: 29.07.2013

Canyoning w Verghellu (Korsyka)

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turystyka, 6:39, wyświetleń: 4268 link do filmiku

Canyon of Verghellu – okolice Corte na Korsyce. Canyoning dla początkujących (dzieci od 10 lat). Bardzo nam się podobało. Link do organizatora:
“Canyon of Verghellu. This is our favourite summer canyon because all the canyoning activities are packed into one canyon: jumps, an abseil (rappel) and Corsica?s most beautiful Tyrolienne in a canyon! (nearly 45 metres). It is equally enjoyable for the daredevils and the more cautious. There is always the possibility for beginners to go round certain obstacles. As for the adventurous, there are additional options, for example, a 10 metre jump and an enormous toboggan of 17 metres.”

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